28. Update March of Empires

Welcome to Update 28! This one is filled to the brim with new features—some of them eagerly expected, and some of them very ..

28. Update March of Empires
28. Update March of Empires


Welcome to Update 28! This one is filled to the brim with new features—some of them eagerly expected, and some of them very surprising. Get ready for new challenges and adventures!

Break the limits and upgrade your Castle to level 32! (Available from Feb. 11)

The new max Castle level brings a lot of new upgrades to your city. All city buildings will improve their stats and you will enjoy increased march and rally size for your armies, which will edge out your opponents.

Unleash powerful troop abilities!

You can now unlock powerful abilities for your troops, available as new research types in the Academy. Each new ability will be unlocked in Research Era II and you can upgrade it up to 4 times in the next Eras, thus improving its strength and effectiveness.

Take a look at the abilities themselves:

Shield Wall (Swordsmen) – Your Swordsmen raise their shields, reducing incoming damage, but also reducing their own attack.

Brothers in Arms (Spearmen) – Spearmen squads bolster each other, reducing damage taken, while adjacent to a squad of the same type.

Cavalry Shock (Cavalry) – Your Cavalry units shock the targeted enemy squad, causing its attack to deteriorate for a short duration.

Volley (Archers) – Your Archers attack 2 additional enemy squads and deal slightly more damage than usual, but the damage is split between the enemies hit.

Focus Fire (Siege Machines) – Each successive attack against an enemy squad grants additional damage against the same squad.

Hidden Defenses (Traps) – Some defenses will remain hidden from Siege Machine attacks during a siege phase. (The percentage of hidden defenses is based on their total durability).

Face numerous challenges and deadly missions on the new Campaign map!

The Campaign Map becomes available right after you complete the tutorial. Every campaign includes a great number of exciting and challenging missions. Get help from the beautiful advisor and make real choices that change the flow of the campaign.

In this update, expect four chapters, each with up to 7 missions to complete and awesome rewards to earn. More chapters will come in future updates!

The Amazons have invaded the Realm!

Challenge these charming warriors and compete for exclusive Champion equipment when you loot their camps—the legendary Magnificent Cuirass, Queen's Armor, Queen's Protectors, Lioness's Fury, Lioness's Legguards and Lioness's Victory.

Celebrate the Spring Festival!

The New Year in the Chinese calendar will bring you some exclusive surprises. Compete in the special festival edition of the Great Wonder event with double rewards! Even better, try your luck in the Special Lottery and win unique prizes only while the holiday lasts!

And even more improvements!

There is now better protection for new players—improved Rookie Shield protection and tutorials.

Path to Glory 19 is fast approaching. Will you rise to the challenge