29. Update Released

Update 29 has rolled out like a shining diamond, and with it came a number of exciting new features. Buckle up and let's jump right into it,

29. Update Released
29. Update Released


We all know two heads are better than one, but what about twenty heads? Teamwork and collective effort are bound to be more successful, so we thought it's time for players to join forces in their quest for knowledge. Here comes the Alliance Research section! It has many useful applications, and is a MUST if you want your Alliance to grow both in numbers and strength. You can develop and expand your Alliance as you progress through the Alliance Technologies. It also grants powerful bonuses to all Alliance members. "WHAT POWERFUL BONUSES?!", you might ask. Well, for example:

Trade Token Regeneration: This will allow you to gain Trade Tokens faster.
Trade Token Limit: Researching this grants more Trade Tokens.
Allied Mines Capacity: This research will increase the resources of tiles within your alliance territory.
Army Attack & Health: Invest in this to boost your units on the battlefield.
Influence Points: Increase your alliance's influence and gain new perks by researching this.
Daily Social Point Capacity: Gain more Social Points each day when this research is completed.
And others!

[caption id="attachment_1501" align="aligncenter" width="262"]29. update for march of empires 29. update for march of empires[/caption]

IMPORTANT IMPERIAL INFO: All Alliances that were created before the release of the Alliance Research feature will automatically have completed some of the fundamental Alliance Technologies. All Alliances created after the release of the feature will NOT have the fundamental Alliance Technologies automatically completed. To be precise, those fundamental technologies are:

  • Member Limit
  • Rally Participants
  • Region Limit
  • Regional Structure Level
  • Extra March

REALM AGES (Now Available)

The new Realm Ages will signify large-scale changes in the Realms. Each Age will come with unique challenges, milestones and of course, very sweet rewards. All new Realms will have to go through three special Ages, which will dictate the rules for the first few weeks of the game. In addition, Standards will appear during certain Ages, granting special bonuses to players who activate them.

The older, more experienced realms will automatically dive into the Age of Excellence. You're probably wondering what makes it so excellent. For example, during these prosperous times:

  • All Paragon Experience gains will be increased by 5%.
  • Alliance Research Speed will be increased by 5%.
  • A new Paragon Ability will become available.
  • All of the Paragon Abilities will regenerate 10% faster.
  • The cooldown between attacks in World Encounters will be reduced by 10%.
  • A mighty Standard may spawn in alliance territories after defeating an Encounter Camp or depleting a mine. The members of the respective Alliance may get a limited-time boost for retrieving it.


As time moves only forward, it is unwise to waste it! Especially when searching! This is why we present to you the enhanced, streamlined Alliance experience with a complete menu overhaul. It includes improvements in the Alliance search engine, allowing you to add specific filters to your search. In addition, the Aid Allies section has received improvements, allowing you to see more detailed information when helping your fellow alliance members.



Say hello to the Scoundrels, but don't expect them to act politely! They have infiltrated the realms for the first time, but they are quickly gaining power and fame. Waste no time and smash their hideouts to loot the newest exclusive Champion gear.


With UPD29, it is time for experienced players to embark on Path to Glory 20. It comes with a brand-new mission and tempting rewards to claim!



New exclusive items will be added to the Imperial Lottery.

Capitals and Regional Structures will now display their level on the world map.

You'd better be ready, my Lords and Ladies!