To ensure a sensational season, March of Empires is rewarding all of its players with a holiday update full of festive spirit and treats. Rest assured, this is one update designed to make your December merry and your 2018 happy! There is the addition of Paragon Levels to allow you to gain new abilities and amazing rewards throughout December and beyond!


All players with a Level 11 Castle are about to unlock Paragon Levels once they have update 19. This is a mighty new force that changes the game for you and your Realm.


Alongside Paragon Experience Points, there are also Paragon Points (hope you are keeping up). Paragon Points are a little different. You receive one every time your Paragon levels up – so you can get 100 in total (similar to Champion’s Talent Points).



Paragon Points (let’s call them PP) can then be used to unlock Paragon Perks (oh no, that’s PP, too). There are 25 Paragon Perks to purchase with Paragon Points, and the more you spend on each perk the better the bonus it provides.

Note: Paragons Abilities will not work in Atlantis – though Paragon Perks still apply their bonuses.



To celebrate the season, March of Empires also has some festive fun on offer. First up, there is the Special Winter Calendar. Login every day between the 22nd of December and January 2nd to be sure to get amazing presents.

There is plenty more to keep every ruler happy for the holidays. First up, prepare for the Snowball Fun Event – just roll your snowball at an enemy’s capital to hit it, score points, and see what gifts await. Enter this all month until the 30th.


Keeping with the frosty winter theme, Update 19 also delivers Vikings. Stop the Nords from attacking your realm for the chance to loot gear for your Champion. You can also super freeze your city with the Arctic Keep skin – ideal to show off your power.


NOT : Emsalsiz puanları Atlantiste çalışmaz.


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