With the new engine 3D, ao / aok series for the first time the gods and mythology, which actively puts, a game where the tip is located. At the beginning of the game, first one of the 3 cultures (greek, egyptian, norse), then a main god (zeus, isis felan), and then every cagda bi minor is selected to continue the game. As in Moe, every culture has completely separate buildings and units, and each chosen god has a distinctive god power and a special unit.

Age of Empires is the first and newest 3D game in the series. The graphics are fantastic, but the playability is slightly lower than in the other series. The reason is that some of the hotkeys have been modified and progressed in a completely different mentality from the old versions. It is surprising that the game demands a certain amount of gold to make the field, and that the little use of wood reveals that there is a different age of than the other series.
What do you want to upgrade and spells in the age you want to make a selection according to what you do. A very new update and new design and appealing to the eye.
It is a fact that dungeon 3d adds a lot to 3d games.

An age of empires series game that we can strongly recommend to those interested in Greek, Egyptian and Scandinavian mithology

Norse, Egypt and Greek races and 32 positions. There are many gods and they have bonuses, features miracles and special men. What else can one say in a game, a branch of the past in his own branch of the past, a masterpiece. Also a game with awesome music.


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