The basic building block of the game is based on research. The most influential factor behind the fortress items is research power, that is research bonuses. Research is too much silver and needs too many accelerators. There is no way to reduce silver, but there is a way to increase the research speed and reduce the number of research days.
Local bonuses are very important in all the basic buildings. This means that you can reduce the length of time you spend searching for a research zone bonus, as well as the cost of healing your tapestry bonuses.

Research Period

The duration of the research is reduced by 100% of the district bonuses. But that’s not enough. You should also wear research items and fill out the research section from talent. so you can do a research that lasts 150 days in a much shorter time.

When all the buildings around the academy are at level 30, the academy building district bonuses will be 100%.

Another factor that influences the speed of research after the local bonus is the ability set. Fill in research sections in your talent points.

Yetenek Puanları
Skill Points









Now that you have finished your talent points, you can pass on the items. Certainly do not start researching for long periods of time, such as t4 and t5, without opening research items. It can take your days. An example from a research item set;

If you make 2 pirate jewels, 112% of your searches will reduce the number of days. Search for other research items besides this and start by completing your researches in the above recommended information after they are complete. So you lose less time, you use less accelerator and you are on your way in a short time.

Championship Effect of Research

Do not miss out on the sections of the research that give you army health and army attacks. These are the most important parts in the research. It’s just that you are your soldier and you are strong. Soldiers die champion. Become a strong champion. The bonuses to come from championship research skills are as important as war equipment in this. Let’s explain a few pictures;

In addition to general army bonuses, you receive special bonuses for military types from research. For example, the attack of the spearmen, the expansive health, etc. are necessary to build a strong fort to complete the special bonus for the soldier.

Besides, let’s explain what research you need to finish. All the research needs to be done full. But some research is privileged. Let’s share these with you.

Bonus skill points add 25 points to the champion’s ability points. So a champion of 70 level has a score between 605 and 609. When this research is completed, a champion with 609 skill points is terminated with a score of 629 talents. This is the number of last skill points you can get with the 70 level championship quests.
The size of the rally will allow you to open the flock to the army in more quantities.
The squad size increases the amount of troops you send at one time.


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