Artefact and Realm Chronicles 23. Updates activity

Artefact Wars  will start as an RVR event. This activity resembles the activity of the kingdom merge. The players were fighting to protect the capitals in the merge of the kingdoms. This event includes a similar strategy. This time we are not protecting the capital. We protect the Artefact in the capital. The different capitals do not have to belong to that alliance. The capital will be chosen by the king. These capitals can also be chosen in enemy capitals within the same kingdom. This decision belongs entirely to the king.

Before RVR starts, the players in the kingdom will manufacture these pieces. The production is more like the fortification activity. Players can consume resources to combine pieces or they can do it by attacking the camp. This will be an individual event. The RVR that will be launched later is an alliance event as well as being a kingdom event.

So in order Individual events and awards, then kingdoms alliance rankings and awards, finally the winning kingdom will receive awards. This is the distribution of the gifts. To end monotonous days in the intended kingdom with this new activity. As far as we understand, GameLoft has made a number of preparations involving the joint activities of the kingdom as a whole.

To prevent this mononality, gameloft is trying to destroy jumper accounts before, and when it sees that it is not successful, it follows such a way.Because before each newly opened kingdom comes jumper account to make the model of the only man in the kingdom. Former players who are experienced and well-prepared, they prevented the development of new players in the kingdom. To prevent this, the jumper was restricted. Now the jumper can not train the hero and train the soldiers. They filled the empty accounts into the new kingdoms. These accounts contain the amount of accelerator and gold to rebuild a castle.

Gameloft could not completely ban the jumpers. Because the jumpers are taking packages regularly until the day they are to jump. The gameloft, which can not get ahead of it, has begun to develop events that all the players in the kingdom will join together. Thus, the new players, that is, the new customers were aimed to continue the game. They plan to solve the monotony created by the alliances that come from other kingdoms and they are aiming to portray the entire kingdom with new activities that former players do not know about.  An example of this is kingdom rivalry.  Now it is the artefact rvr event. Another example of this is snowball activity.

Besides the activities, it is also aimed that the players recognize each other. Realm Chronicles is a project made for this purpose. We will provide a wide range of information on this in another article.

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by Centos.




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