Atlantis – March Of Empires is a march of empires that all players with an event of 300K and above T5 can participate. You can join the event by signing up for gold. Depending on the intensity of your participation, the game may not accept you as an activity, even if you sign up sometimes.

After the registration period is over, the blue lights will automatically flash on your game page and you will be beamed to the kingdom of Atlantis. After the transport, the game takes you there for a short period of shielding. Even if you do not attack in 3 – 4 minutes, your shield will automatically be disabled and you will be vulnerable.

Atlantis – March Of Empires

Atlantis Saldırı1
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After your shield has fallen, you are now open for attack. You can attack Atlantis crypts with your enemies, collect in various gift giving areas. These areas ;

Atlantis Kaynak Depoları
Atlantis resource stores

Atlantis resource pools contain large amounts of resources. By sending armies to these areas, you can get 8 million rss like iron, stone, silver. You have to wait for a while in these mines. You can get resources that way. But in the meantime you are open to attack

Atlantis Kripti
Atlantis Crypt

The Atlantis crypt is actually an encounter headquarters. Here, not only the normal castle bonuses, but also the attacks start to work in your attack and health bonuses.

Despite being the encounter headquarters, the difference is that you are exposed to attack waves like the Dark Citadel. In small quantities, beginning with the enemy army, the waves continue to multiply like DC. If you leave before your time, you will not be rewarded. Here you will find gold and other awards.

Güç Depoları
Power Stores

You get military bonuses in power stores. Think of it as a resource aggregate. you wait here for a while and you can get army bonuses. You can get 35% army health bonus at 35% health.

Atlantis Rules

At Atlantis – March Of Empires event you have one expedition for each attack. For example, when you attack a crypt you can not attack another castle at the same time. Or you can not attack against any enemy while collecting from the storage. You have one right for every attack.

March Size

March Size dropped after 22.  update;

Atlantis Saldırı Rapor
As in the attack report, each player has a march size of 120-130K. This time, of course, the dimensions can be increased with the purchased Atlantis Products.

Decreasing the size of the expedition was an advantage for both small players and large players. It is more difficult to disqualify the soldiers in large quantities. At the same time, it was easy to attack without waiting for a second time to make improvements in small players. Many small accounts have become an activity and experience that everyone can now join when they can not join Atlantis for fear of resetting.

Champion Bonuses

Atlantis – March Of Empires. Even if you have sent the champion to the crypt, you still have the champion bonus. The champion does not realize whether or not to be in the castle. Even without champions you are active bonuses . Do not forget that your only recommended talents in this are not collecting. Set your champion set and skills before you go. The champion’s bonus is always valid, but if your championship skills are set at collecting level, your champion will not help you much.

Peace Shield

No peace at Atlantis – March Of Empires event. You only have enemies. Every castle you see is an enemy. If you see a player from the same team, you will see red as the enemy there. Atlantis is, in short, a complete war kingdom. So the shielding time is very short and difficult to obtain. When the game first teleports you there, the shield gives you shields and then you are automatically exposed to every attack and you are taken to Kalkan. If the attacker does not take you, the automatic shield does not enter the circuit. Peace shields can also be obtained from crypts. But this is not a guarantee.

Atlantis Temple

In Atlantis you will see only those soldiers wounded in the kingdom of Atlantis. The soldiers you wound before arriving in Atlantis do not appear in Atlantis.

Atlantis is 300K in your hospital. Atlantis has only 300K limit in your hospital, although the hospital injured size for a normal 30 level castle is 1.3 million. The hospital appears to be empty in your first teleport of Atlantis. You can see your wounded soldiers in the hospital after the first attack. I repeat, you can not see the soldiers you wounded before arriving in Atlanta. You have to heal your soldiers who are injured in Atlantis and fall into the hospital every time. Because if 300k injured capacity, you will be disqualified.

There is no time for improvement for your injured T5 troops in Atlantis. You can rehabilite it instantly. You have the possibility of immediate healing as normal T1s. By the way, you will not see your T1 troops there at your place.

The healing costs are higher although there is no healing period. The improvement that is bought for this is not very meaningful in packages. Because of the healing packages that you buy with high prices, there is a product that can only improve twice a year. You can get the packages if you get to get gold. Also, you can not use your T5 healing products that you have previously obtained in Dark Cidatel and other forms. There are only Atlantis improvement products available.

Do not buy a package if you want to go there without complaint. Collect gold and resources before you go.


Your score does not disappear At the end of the event you will earn points and prizes for the number of units you have killed.

             I hope that your ideas about Atlantis that we have told you so far will go away in your hesitation. Whether you need Atlantis or not, we continue to share basic and detailed information about the game with you. We will start to share strategical tips about the game with our long-time and active members soon. By changing their membership level, we will share our currently locked data for regular members on our site. As long as you support us, we will continue to support you as much as we know, in our knowledge.
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