The buildings are structures that lets you manage the game in the castle. in mines, castles, barracks buildings, worship, embassies, inn, academia, warehouses, houses and has the workshop. Let us explain these buildings that individual does. buildings in order of importance;


One of the most important buildings in the castle barracks d. Castles you increase your level in the right proportions, you must upgrade your barracks. You’ll hear a lot more needs to barracks. Because you want to make a good castle should not be too much of your military, it also may be possible to build in the winter and to raise their level.

A very big player or demolish all the buildings within the castle just to fill all of the barracks. Thus, a more soldiers are basabilmekt at once. We will share later as a barracks building the capacity of the table. But if you want more troops, we recommend more troops you need to know is that every time your barracks building the capacity to print.

All castle and fill your house with unnecessary with the other buildings. Once you’ve built one from all the rest Learn to build barracks to barracks and increase the capacity of the whole place. Barracks capacity building is possible by raising the level as in all other buildings.


Embassy may seem unnecessary when you start the game. But is not the case. One of the important buildings of the embassy building. Because flocking is probably one of a few ways you can increase the size of the embassy level. You can increase your flock size in the study. But it will never raise the level of flock size up the embassy building. In Karahisar events, barbarians, the higher your flock size must be occupied and looted the capital. with your castle in it you need to increase the embassy levelinizi.


This is the direction that the game is actually located. The pen is mightier than the sword. An ignorant society is doomed to extinction by saying let’s prior knowledge about the importance of this building for you.

Research is the basic building block for the development of your game. Because stronger and you need to upgrade your castle binanınızı academy equivalent level to ensure further progress.

According to technology research academy is located at the building level. Technology 1, 2 technology, technology, technology …… 3 5. You will hear words like time proceed to undergo ongoing T5 T1 T2 of the game. These means the description of the level of technology. Technology is the peak level of 5 soldiers for the army soldiers. The latest and most powerful technology can train soldiers on military research by completing 5 levels.

Academy building not only provide military capabilities and benefits. Gathering speed, time, size, size of the flock, army health and attack, attack the camp and provides health and researches related to mining. Each of these research önemliii from each other.

You need some resources to do research in the Academy building. such as iron and silver stones. Silver is the most you’ll spend more resources during the research. All of the research requires a large amount of silver. So first initial stock plenty of silver and accelerator. Technology Show fayret to reach the 5 levels.


If you are not too many built workshop is one of the most important elements for even the castle. Because this is a field where you can build a wall to protect the produce you and your soldiers. In the workshop you build the castle walls. According to your level of technology it allows you to build the wall type. The walls are produced here protects your castle from your enemies. you will encounter your first enemy attacking the castle wall. So they sent up to your wall washed more soldiers will die before they reach your military.

The castle walls is also one of the factors that most power game.


Khan is one of the less important malfunctions the rest of the building than the building mentioned above. You can understand what that Khan’s work for a long time. Khan’s activities is to purchase adventurers came to the inn and allow you to use the advantages of these adventurers.

Champion’s dynm increase, you can gather resources in activities such as collecting and item. the game offers adventurous offerings within certain period of time. You can hire these adventurers gold. The top level comes with a 15% chance of success by the adventurous type of task. Available adventurers, Dynm, Item collection, adventure abbreviations time, increasing the amount of energy being offered with the ability to supply awards.


Warehouse is the storage unit for the minerals you’ve built in the castle. There’s a certain quota. Even if it continued after production quotas, do not take mineral deposited. The storage capacity; Sometimes with the skill set and can be increased with the opportunity to win items you can buy products on special offer.


mineral species found in your castle; iron, wood, stone, consists of bread. Some players often filling in all mining areas with a single mineral species that chooses to increase the mine’s capacity and production. That is what makes sense. But what you want to do mine how much he needs your decision.


Houses are places that produce silver for the city. You can get silver in these buildings that you will build a castle interior. Silver lookout use, buy resources and are used for purposes such as buying or upgrading item. Also save time by doing certain percentage of houses for your academy allows you to use less accelerated. Most players can not accommodate more than one home in the castle.


not used in the sense that stated the name of the temple. In fact, the temple is a hospital. Do wounded soldiers come here. Here you can iyleştir paying resources of the wounded soldiers at a much lower amount of production costs.

Temples have a certain capacity. If you have a wounded soldier on this capacity, if the amount exceeds the capacity will die. There’s no chance you return your troops. He must do so before the temple improve your capacity.


section you host your dungeon spy. Here you can buy silver spy in exchange for 3 million. Until he died during a spy mission continues to make itself more effectively develop and assassinations.

If you are a spy, you can resurrect it with six spy dies. Why is it important to revive, I think, when you receive a new spy instead of dying spy spying capabilities in that section will be reset. He paid for a certain amount of gold does not disappear until the day of your achievement should get out.

3 types of spyware found in the dungeons. This spyware can be purchased at the building level progresses.


Kingdom Barracks

Kingdom barracks is in fact a kind of military production location. Fuction soldiers produced here difference from normal winters receive the name or click. It is a kind of private army. Production difficult, expensive and long training period. ranking soldiers are soldiers produced here. You can open each rank for a particular resource. But you may need to complete the accelerator rank. A level 30 military clique is stronger than 5 times the normal t5.


Arena is part of your champion or champion you change the profile picture. You should develop your absolute Arena until the last level. Because the arena you earn talent points to level increase of champions.


the lookout tower lookout lookout helps to reduce the cost. For example, if your cost of doing lookout in a castle watchtower silver 50k or 10k level these costs will fall down when you reach the last level.

Castle Wall

The most important structure is the darling of the castle walls. Castle walls against your enemies increases your chances of success if it is to build strong and powerful. If you want to stand without fear in the face of an enemy learn to build a shield raise the castle walls until the last level.


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