Conquest is a world-wide mobile strategy game that has a history of old history. Create your team and battle for the throne in this game, which also includes the heroes of the Ottoman Period! Become a great sultan, raise the prestige of your city, hire a hero, train unity, create a guild and rise! Nothing will stop you with the right tactics and strategies. Top in this Golden Age!

● Real-time battles! Be alert to the attacks. What would you do if your Guild friend’s city was in flames? Would you help your friend or declare a war against the offensive player? The choice is yours!
● The prestige for the most powerful sultan! Unlock unique city prestige skills and elevate your city prestige to crush enemies!
● Sovereignty War! Join this battle to become a true souvenir across all kingdoms! Have the greatest privileges, encircle the most rare items and get to know by everyone!
● Powerful heroes with powerful abilities! Raise levels, crest and glide equipment! Take your troops to victory with a combination of heroes of difference! Clear the expedition sections to get more hero and hero equipment!
● Allies! Join a powerful guild or create a guild on your own. Join your guild friends in exciting guild wars, clashes, provincial battles, palace fights, kingdom battles and invader battles! Ensuring success with teamwork!
● Wonderful social features! Chat with anyone from any race with real-time translation! Use Kingdom, guild chats or create your own personalized chat group! Spread the excitement to the conversation with animated stickers!
● Levels, abilities and player equipment! Improve them all and become a powerful player!
● City Views! Revitalize the city with various city views and get a great look! Show your fortune and strength!
● New user interface! Test your gorgeous v2.0 user interface now for a seamless and seamless experience!
● Special bonuses! Win a special bonus by capturing your enemies and take power to your strength! When you’re trying to take prisoners, be careful not to be taken prisoner!
● 100 provinces! Take over the provinces and expand the guild’s territory! Win more prizes! Ignore the power of artificial intelligence players while focusing on other players!
● Reign! No ruler can be considered a true ruler without a palace. Take over the palace, enjoy the privilege of being the only true ruler and changing the name of the kingdom!
● Great system for one-on-one combat with other players! Defeat your opponents in the weekly arena seasons and climb the stairs for more rewards!
● Many kingdoms! Go around the kingdom and choose which kingdom fits the most. Choose an empty world to evolve, and a crowd to plunder!
● A true strategist! The foundation of a strong army passes through a city of good order. Upgrade your buildings, research technology, collect resources, train unity, promote your heroes and build the Ottoman Empire!

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Game Analysis

We have reviewed the game for you. We chose this game most similar to Moe. This is a game that anyone who knows how to play Moe will play without difficulty


Everything is designed in the same way as moe. First of all the intro welcomes you. When you log in to the game, you will see a consultant like Moe.

Conquerors Fetih and moe
Conquerors Fetih and moe


The game continues under the guidance of a consultant, A continuation like story mode in March of Empires.


Buildings have the same functionality as moe. Research, barracks, mines, temple… Unlike MOE, a few new features have been added. Example ship to sea and He has different commanders for wars. So the champion doesn’t have to participate in every war.

The buildings have the same functional feature as MOe.


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