March of empires game is a game completely on the alliance. So if you do not have a chance to play your alliance. You must be a member of an alliance because the whole development, alliances will help and gifts, awards are based on events coming from the alliance. Also gather resources, construction of urban development issues such as military training is totally help of alliance members. You can not print your source and you can not do without a military town construction. It is required to have a capital in the resource. This is possible when you become a member barely alliance.

You can establish an alliance yourself. But the alliance war games are the basic principles of the game. Anytime may have strong alliances with fertile soil and rich reward activity and can develop faster.

When you first open the first game will make short work should be to join an alliance.

When you enter when you install or alliance or alliance can assign various ranks. Some of those ;


Alliance leaders manage to appoint members to decide whether to edit the alliance as an alliance of war and peace is the only person authorized activities in all matters. Leading members of the Alliance ranks as the Duke of War superiors in rank on the target Generali Leader can direct the person nominated by the leader of initiating change vote.

Duke and war under general members not start voting for change and leading powers are limited.

War Generals

Leader after the war is the most competent generals rank. It can declare war to the Alliance. It may decide to peace. Leaders can start voting for change. Karahisar the dominant leaders and war generals can only start. Alliance leadership and other ranks as a soldier does not provide a contribution bonus. In addition bonus given only by military ruler game. You can find details about the development.


Diplomats are responsible for providing communications and negotiations with other alliances. alliance partnerships, etc. can be found in other bids conduct diplomatic negotiations. They are chop the other alliance leaders and diplomats.


Duke büyükleridir can say the alliance. You can start voting for change in leadership and change leaders with whom they choose.

Target Amiri

Alliance members must work in the most efficient OF THE supervisors are targets. How much better it studious alliance Sense Target supervisor.

Target chiefs of improving the regional structure for assigning targets for expulsion from the city of foreigners castle, the alliance of the track members to contribute, vacant or the collection of unfinished resources, the appointment of additional troops to target members not to fly and also to members who need instant resource for development to make aid resources of other member it is responsible for the necessary organization.

There are dukes and dukes on the target supervisor is in charge of the denetlemekle that are doing the work of the chief goals. Can reduce the rank of supervisor can do his job target or the target appointed a new chief.

Alliance’s wealth depends on the diligence of the target supervisor.


Senior is a top rank of military powers and is almost the same as a soldier. Let’s talk about the Powers subject to military rank.


Soldiers may initiate a vote (except the Leadership rating) Akin can initiate, participate in raids. Their task is limited.


Notwithstanding the first entrants power and other elements of the Alliance are novices. Novice alliance is the door. When he returned from the war generals alliance Alliance game will automatically take him to the rank novice. Subsequently again given rank by the authorities.

Alliance members and rank first in the novice position pending members are required

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