The most known way to increase strength is to produce troops. But you need a lot of resources and accelerators for it. The type of soldier that will increase your strength most of the military types is the siege machines. Siege machines allow your powers to grow quickly. If you produce siege even at the level of T1, which is the technology 1, your power will increase rapidly. Technology 5, T5 level, your ability to train further increases your power. Siege machines need too much stone mine. So you need to constantly collect stones.

Tips for Increasing Castle Power

Siege Machines

This is one of the ways to protect both their qualities and their powers for those who are new to the game. Siege machines are a good way to protect your castle. When you enter the game, however, it is not so in the education class that you are weak against all types of soldiers. Siege machines are the most difficult type of soldier killed. It is more resistant than range. Resistant to cavalry. If you have a good siege bonus, you will be a good warrior in many of your opponents as well as your strength. But as we have just said, the siege machine needs a lot of resources and accelerators.

70 Level Champion

The other effective and quick method to increase strength is the champion. Develop your champion. Give importance to the championship first of all. The only way to make your game strong is your champion. This topic is mentioned in the champion development section here, only the champion we want to say will jump in every level when you jump. When your champion is at level 70, your level will be higher than at level 30, which has the same number of troops as you have at your level.

Play Ticket

Another way to increase power is to use a little known but very useful . Yes, it sounds ridiculous to me, but it is the task that gives you the most power over your jobs in the job section where you play the lottery ticket. if you have the last 10 thousand tickets, you will receive 20 million. By playing a ticket you can have some of the products you need to fight as well as win gold. For example, you can accumulate a large number of transport products for a certain amount of time, which is one of the most demanding products. If you are interested in a product, if you need to buy an accelerator, then buy a ticket first. It is much more reasonable to get 1200 tickets with 500 gold to get 500 gold promoter. So you have other products as well as irradiation. This is not guaranteed. Sometimes you can not get a transport every time you play 1200 tickets. But each time it is a more profitable method than taking gold and transport.

Challenge Points

Finish the tasks in the challenging jobs section to increase power. It’s a task in the hard work section to play the lottery ticket we just talked about. Finish as much as possible in other missions. Do your best for the work as much as you can. They will already be guiding you through the tasks of the hard work section at the game consultant. Another important aspect of hard work is increasing your strength and offering you unique gifts.

Zorlu işler bölümü
Increase Power


When you have completed the tasks in the challenging tasks and have collected the required points for the challenging task, you will receive a chest. This will increase the level of the castle to the level of the castle and the polls. For example, a 30 level castle will receive the same amount of yellow items as the last level boxes, even if they are not compared to almost royal items we call heritage items. In addition to items, you can get 15-day-a-day accelerators and other varieties of gifts per hour, according to the level of the chest. Whatever we recommend, whatever you are aiming to do is to raise a gift or to buy a yellow item from your crates in tough business plans. These items will do a lot of work.


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