March of Empires Troops Comparison | Episode I

In this episode, we compared the soldiers with each other. We wanted to show their strengths and weaknesses against each other.

March of Empires Troops Comparison | Episode I
March of Empires Army and Comparison


Episode 1

Army Comparisons

For March of empires have five types of soldiers. They are Siege, Archers, Cavalry, Spear and Sword. They are weak or strong against each other. Now let's examine these types of soldiers and see how they meet.

Sword and  Archers

Anyone who plays Moe uses almost archers. They think the most powerful soldier is archers. Archers are not the strongest soldiers. But they are the most advantageous soldiers. Being the most advantageous soldier makes them look like the strongest soldiers.


Good players know the advantages turn to power.

The sword is strong against the Archers. But archers with increased bonus skills and archers with higher technology levels can kill swords. Archers are weak against all kinds of soldiers. But much weaker against the sword War


  • Total  Army 20 & 20
  • Final Morale : Sword %100  Arhers %0
  • Remaining army Sword 12 Archer 8
  • Lost Army Sword 8 Archer 12

Why is everyone used archers?

  • It is easy to find the rss for the archers.
  • The training period of the archers takes less time than other types.
  • Finding items for archers is much easier
  • They move faster when compared to siege machines
  • Bonuses can be upgraded more easily than other troops.
  • Due to their location, the plot distance allows them to survive more.


Spear and Archers


 The spear is weak against the sword but here too weak against archers. We will describe weaknesses at the end of writing.

    War Statistics

  • Total  Army 500 &  500
  • Final Morale : Spear %0 Arhers %66
  • Remaining army Spear 200 Archer 212
  • Lost Army Spear 300 Archer 288

Cavalry and Archers

 After 70 championship updates, the horse, who have become powerful soldiers with new items, are strong against archers. But they were defeated in this war. NOTE: We do not use military bonuses here 0 & 0 bonuses War


  • Total  Army 100 & 100
  • Final Morale : Horse %0  Arhers %36
  • Remaining army Horse 36 Archer 23
  • Lost Army Horse 64 Archer 77

Sword and Siege

 The siege machines are weak against other types of soldiers, although they are stronger soldiers. But it can turn your weakness into a gentle one if it is used with various variations. You killed the siege machine with sword on this video you were watching

      War Statistics

  • Total  Army 20 & 20
  • Final Morale : Sword  %86  Siege%0
  • Remaining army Sword 14 Siege 9
  • Lost Army Sword  6 Siege 11

Siege and Spear

Sometimes you will see that you are defeated when you are damaging many more competitors.  That's one of those moments. Although 153 soldiers die on one side, they still win. The death of more enemy soldiers may not save you. We will explain the reason for this at the end of the episode 3.

       War Statistics

  • Total  Army 200 & 200
  • Final Morale : Spear %0  Siege%27
  • Remaining army Spear 74 Siege 47
  • Lost Army Spear  126 Siege 153  

Siege and Cavalry

 The horses defeated against the archers won victory here.

        War Statistics

  • Total  Army 100 & 100
  • Final Morale : Horse  %73  Siege%0
  • Remaining army Horse  67  Siege 37
  • Lost Army Horse  33 Siege 63    

Archers and Siege | Archers own slot

And in a draw battle the winning archers You see the archers on this video kill the siege machine. Actually this is wrong.  You will see that the same type of soldiers on the next video are fighting the same count. But the result will be different.

War Statistics

  • Total  Army 4 &  4
  • Final Morale : Archer %93  Siege%80
  • Remaining army Archer 2 Siege 2
  • Lost Army Archer 2 Siege  2

Archers vs Siege| Siege own slot

Again and in a draw Again the same types of soldiers. But the winner is different. The result is ; Archers are weak against all kinds of soldiers. But when we look at the players, everyone uses archers instead of siege. The reason for this is production costs. But if you want to be invincible, increase your siege bonuses and use siege. These results may not satisfy you.  Then let's continue...

War Statistics

  • Total  Army 2 &  2
  • Final Morale : Archer %0  Siege%67
  • Remaining army Archer 1 Siege 1
  • Lost Army Archer 1  Siege  1

What are the disadvantages of siege machines?

  • Production cost
  • Education time
  • Slow motion
  • Champion item set hard to find

If production costs were not much, the siege is the most powerful weapon after the faction. Old players mostly use archers and think they are the strongest. This is not true, but the easiest way to win is archers. But if the siege machines are used with the right strategy, it is the only weapon that can protect you from the paragon. This is information that can only be obtained through your experience. You can't get it by reading. In the next section we compare faction types. Follow us !