March Of Empires Champion Development

If you have a goal like being a good player you should definitely improve your champion from the moment you start the game. You should stay away from buying the package. Pack items such as having great importance in the future will accustom you buy your laziness will prevent the collection.

March to develop champions of empires game thinking that you will never get bored of progress, but must overcome this stage in terms of development. collect resources in the part of the game works, consultants complete their development tasks such as swaps will increase quickly. But our advice is your store without opening the award given after completing them.

The first thing you need to do to improve march of empires champion our issues are pressing to start the first level technology research and soldier. Educate soldiers to collect continuous supply. Because the total power is your only thing that determines the number of soldiers in this game. Besides, power is supplied from the level of the champions.

Fortress level one of the most important factors. Each level increases when the fortress war can send a company of soldiers more time to occur and increasing the count. But just like to leave low levels of other city buildings make the fatal mistake of upgrading the castle’s 90% player. Because the game plan is indexed to the castle level. Your castle is supposed to be 13 h in 13 other buildings in your city. In this way, rather than move to your castle from time to time great when you lose 30, it will allow you to earn money and not spend resources. You will understand very well the details of this castle is 30.

4 level based on military technology that produces military technology that produces differences in the level 2 item 3 times more powerful than we do think for the moment. Of course, technology levels and increases the cost of time is prolonged in time, but is probably as progress in strengthening the essential elements of the basic technology research. Technology research over 5 200 thousand soldiers a player can reset your level of technology at a time, your 1 million soldiers.

champion is not naked on a sturdy armor. I want to tell are the champions from Armor clothing. Do not fall into funny situations Champion sending you into battle naked. It is important that your clothes so wear your champion in the level of. Champion skill points come to a certain stage and then stops. After that it depends on the items no longer champion. Your bonus is increased by up to 500 600 s research talent points. After it affects the dress she wore.

to raise the level of champions, it is easy to understand when you first started the game. It will develop quickly. After level 50 you will feel that it will be difficult to improve a bit slow after level 60 champion now.

These difficulties with the effects of champions will begin to more reflection on your game. If you think that by reading this article will guide you to what we said we definitely do not attack anyone until issuing champion 65 level. Improve your champion one hand, accumulate a hand sources. In the meantime, both the castle academy level 4 or 5. In both try to raise tries to open research. Technology opens when the 5-level research in the castle level 30. 4. Technology is sufficient for level 20 level research your castle.

One way to improve your Cidatel Dark Champion (DC), so they karahisar. If you start a new game if you enter an alliance to DC coincided with absolutely continuous influx of troops to join until the DC bit. 60 levels until you feel the speed in the development of DCs champion. But you no longer participate in raids after level 60 will begin to impact your champion too. But it still does not mean you will not work in this business. 70 until the level Won Join all DCs. soldiers not to champion improvements for subsequent participation and killing unit is to increase the score.

The main method is to cut the main camp which develops champion. We also encounter the camp headquarters. Match headquarters level is between 1-7. No later than 7 levels. with 7 being the most difficult level in this camp I do not recommend you to enter your 65 champion without military because you can not return the savaşd. 5-6-7 camp will make you more comfortable to improve your level after level 60 champion. For example, if you are 7 levels returned in triumph from one camp over 2 million are added to a power score your points champion. Champion from level 70 to level 69 you do not if I remember correctly you must collect over 200 million points.

We can offer the best and effective method is to cut the camp. Won the toughest jobs you complete your tasks will gain power points than that. Strong and powerful champion for a city should try to finish the task in the toughest jobs section.

March Of Empires Update September 2017


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