Buildings March of Empires

The buildings are structures that lets you manage the game in the castle. in mines, castles, barracks buildings, worship, embassies, inn, academia,

Buildings March of Empires

Each of the buildings in your city has separate missions. We will tell you these buildings and their benefits in this article.


Castle is the base of your city. The key factor that will determine your city's strength is its caliber. Because other buildings in your city can only be raised by your castle level. For example, you can upgrade your entire city and outbuildings to 21 levels in the last 21 seasons. You need to upgrade your castle to have 22 level buildings. The main goal in the city is to make your level 30 levels from the first time you start the game. When the other players reach 30 level, you are still in 20 li levels and you lose the chance of being strong. Because the castle is at level 30, 30 levels of other buildings will be unlocked and they will start the extra development of the other buildings with 30 levels. These developments determine how strong the city will be. The amount of troops you send to wars determines your fortress level. The size of your expedition, that is, the amount of troops you send to a battle in one go will increase proportionally to your castle level. A large amount of troops in a battle will increase your chances of success and win.


Make sure your academy is indexed to the castle level. As your academy's level goes up, try to develop the buildings that you build in front of your academy. Leave at a level close to the same level as your academy level. The academy building is where the research for the development of the city is made. According to the dimensions of research here, the power of your city, your city will emerge. There are five types of research in the Academy. They are technology 1 technology 2 technology. At Technology Level 5 you can now start researching for the strongest soldiers. The main purpose of making your Kaleniz 30 is to open the 30 level lock of the academy and start researching at the level of technology 5. Technology 5 level is very important in researches at other technology levels, although it is the main goal and goal. Make absolutely all the research done at level 2 of the Technolgy. Because if the researches here are incomplete, even if you have completed the military surveys in technology 5, the military will be missing your attack and health bonuses due to lack of research on technology 2 and technology 4, which will weaken you. Academy research takes a long time. There are a few ways to reduce the duration of your academy research. If we try to explain them in order;

1- Local bonuses

The local bonuses are the statements of the buildings in the front which are close to the academy building. If all the buildings in front of your academy building are the same as your academy, your local bonuses will increase and you will have to investigate the effect of the decrease in the duration of the research. So if your academy building is 30 level, if all the buildings in the front have 30 levels, you will have a +100 decrease in research effect. This applies to all your research.

2- Champion Level

As the champion level increases, the champion skill points will increase. It is possible that you can drop these championship skill points by 200% or more on your skills by doing research slots full of skills. In addition, if you put championship in the ones that give you research points in the dresses you wear in the championship according to champion level, you can benefit from shortening the research period by earning plus points from here.

3- Home

According to the level of the houses, the research gives a bonus. It will shorten your research time as well as produce silver. The houses serve the academy building. So much silver is needed for the research done in the academy. Silver production is only in homes, and you can collect more material from your alliance source than you can trade silver in trade. Major players usually make barracks in their towns and try to increase their army training by dealing with 30 levels. But at first you can build houses and build houses in some investigations by destroying houses for about 70 gold when you need more troops. This is an option. Your choice is yours.

4- Alliance Assistance

When you start to search for members of the Alliance, clicking on the help button shortens the research time in small researches in hours and minutes in large researches. So if you start to investigate, if you are planning to spend your gold directly, you can wait a while and use less gold coin accelerator with shortened time after the alliance members click on the help.  


The embassy is the city that determines the size of the flock. The raids you open are indexed to the level of your embassy building. The level of the embassy building alone is not sufficient to determine the size of the flock. In addition, research on the size of the academy must be done research. Despite this, if you want more flock size, you should choose your city's ward.


The barracks are military production centers. Soldiers are trained here. According to the barracks level, the amount of troops you train is determined at a time. Large players use all areas within the city for winters to train more troops. So you can train soldiers in large quantities at once like 50 thousand 100 thousand. Soldier types differ according to your academy investigations. Technology There are 5 different types of soldiers, including 5 levels of 5 soldiers. Each soldier has certain characteristics and strength. We will tell them in the army.


Depolar korunan kaynakların belirlendiği ve ittifak üyelerine kaynak gönderebilmek için inşaa etmeniz gereken yer. Depo olmadan kaynak gönderemezsiniz.


Although the place where the champion is trained has nothing to do with it. Here you can only change the champion views. Arenan's plus feature is that it gives you 1 skill point when the arena building skips every level.


Tavern is the part where the adventurers are. Here you can arrange your adventurers to find resources and find items. The awards are linked to the inn level. During certain hours, the inn offers an adventurous offer of gold. You can buy various adventurers from 15% to 5% chance of success here.


It is the place where the walls are made for the Atolye city defense. It's like a barracks. But instead of soldiers, it produces city defense. The wall is again determined according to the academical researches. Technology There are 1 to 5 different wall types. We have a special article on the wall. We recommend you read this.


Unlike the mines in the capital of the Alliance, your city has the ability to produce the resources you specify. For this you have to build the mines you want in the resources of the city outside the castle wall. Factors affecting production in these mines are academical research talent points and champion dresses. Even if you increase production, you will definitely have a capacity problem. You should try to find items related to resource capacity for this. When you leave out of the game, you can set up the item set to generate the resource accumulation while you are away.


When your troops are attacked in the city, they are sent to the temple when they are wounded after the confrontation headquarters. The temple has a certain capacity. The wounded soldiers who exceed this capacity will die. However, you can accommodate injuries as much as temple capacity. You can immediately improve your skills at Level 1 for soldiers. But to improve 2-3-4 and 5th level technology soldiers except technology 1, you have to use gold in the accelerator with the source. Instant recovery is not the type of these soldiers. We recommend you to accumulate improvement products by participating in the activities of Dark Citadel for this. Yine akademide olduğu gibi tapınaktada yöre bonuslarını kullanabilirsiniz. Yöre bonuslarını artırarak iyileşme maliyetlerini azaltabilirsiniz.


The castle is a city building that opens with a lock at 20 levels. Here the agents are trained and you can spy on enemy cities. There are three types of agents. These types of agents are evolving as the level of the dungeon increases. You will hire these agents for a certain silver price. The silver you pay is only one time. You do not pay silver for that agent again. But if your agent dies during the mission, you must spend gold on the agent level to resurrect the agent. Yada will allow the agent to die and you will again hire a silver counterpart agent. As agents complete tasks, their experience increases. This increases your successful job luck. With your agents you can steal troops from enemy towns, steal resources, hurt the champion, and you can find a variety of spying activities.

Champion Winter

There is a special type of soldier independent of academic research. With the castle level 15 you can train in this building where the locks are opened. These belong to your champion's race, such as poppy. There names. These soldiers have special rank training. When you complete each rank survey, you add a bonus to your troops. If habits are low, education may come as a type of soldier who can hardly die hard and does not work at all. Hiziplers are only as strong military types when they rise in rank. They have active passive skills. They use these attributes during the war. Hizi are more aggressive when they attack an area in the city rather than outside the city. That is why we recommend that you have some faction in your city. We also recommend that you spend resources for hires without your castle level 30.

What is the local bonus?

It means the increase in the effectiveness of these buildings according to the level of the buildings around the strategic buildings, temple, academy, champion winter and dungeon area where you want to raise the local bonus level. That is, if the temples in the temple area are at the same level as the temple level, the reduction in healing costs, the same level of spy success with the dungeons around the dungeon, the increase in the speed of yada duty, the franchise around the championship winter is the same as the champion winter level, the speed of research on the bases of the buildings around the academy building it has effects. The structures around these buildings need to be upgraded to benefit from local bonuses.