The Mentoring section allows you to become a mentor/student to another player, as well as view and utilize additional gameplay options available as the result of taking on such a role.

Mentoring Overview

Players can take on different roles based on their Castle level: students (level 1-14) or mentors (level 15 and above).
Mentors can guide players, send them donations and receive rewards from the completion of student missions.
Students will also receive rewards from completing missions and can contact mentors to ask for assistance.
A mentor can have multiple students, while a student can have only one mentor.
Student-mentor connections are only available to players that share the same home realm.
Only a mentor can invite another player to be their student, but once accepted, either side can break the connection.

Mentoring Details

Mentors can remove students (and the other way around) once every 6 hours, upon which a cooldown period is started before such a connection can be undone (or done) again.
If a student reaches Castle level 15, their connection with the mentor will be broken, any passive bonuses resulting from the connection will be lost, and they will be removed from the mentor’s list.
Mentors can buy “Mentor items” with gold, which will be delivered to the student for whom they were bought (a mail will notify the student that a new item has been received from their mentor).
Players outside of their home realm will have their student-mentor connection temporarily locked, even if they are both in the same realm.
When players return to their home realm, their mission progress is updated, meaning that any progress on a student’s mission outside of their realm will upload to the mentor once they are both in their home realm.


Interaction Options
Student Missions icon
(Mentor only)
view and select from available missions for Student to complete
Accept icon
(Student only)
confirm an invitation from a Mentor
butClose break/refuse Student-Mentor connection
mentor_shop buy items for Student (Mentor only)
WriteMail send private message
chatProfile view profile

161. The kingdom can send messages to me at levels lower than 14 levels. I can help you with the development of your .


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