Throne of Might: Maximum of 6 kingdoms can participate in this event.  There will be a difficult war as many kingdoms join. In order to avoid too much zeroid player, the game has taken some precautions in the update. But never trust this.

The biggest feature that differentiates this rvr from other rvr is that it in collects other rvrs in itself. Other rvr features were collected in a single rvr.

In this rvr new structures are emerging. New structures are spawned in the areas of the Throne of Might and the Seats of Power. So there will be some changes on the map.

All other objects – mines, camps are will removed in Seats of Power area.

The structures to replace these removed objects are the following. War Supplies Storages, the Siege Walls, the Defensive Garrisons, the Siege Towers (next to Defensive Garrisons), the Healing Tent, the Armory, and last but not least – the Rally Point.

There are two phases to this inter-realm war. The first stage; Build-up Phase, the second stage is Siege phase.

Stage 1

Build-up Phase

This stage is the collection stage. Gather as many War Supplies as possible to upgrade your army, Throne and structures.

In order to raise the stages that occur in the second stage, you need to complete the collection stage.

By occupying War Supply Storage tiles within the Seat of Power regions. Build and upgrade your army by collecting War Supplies. If you manage to completely deplete one of these resources, you receive bonus War Supplies – so it’s always worth occupying these vital tiles.

This stage all active marches are canceled and if you are on the Throne of Might or a Seat of Power you will be returned to your Alliance’s territory.

It is in the first stage that you lay the foundations for victory. This Build-up Phase allows you to prepare for battle.

Players can level up their Throne of Might (for defenders) and Seats of Power (for invaders) by sending War Supplies.
Other structures (Healing Tent, Armory, Rally Point) cannot be upgraded to a higher level until the Throne of Might or the Seat of Power has been upgraded to that level first.

Let’s examine the structures of the first stage one by one;

War Supplies Storage

Think of Atlantis as the source repositories. It has similar features. These will spawn all over the participating realms and can be occupied by any player from any realm. Even if you think there is a small amount in it, we suggest you collect it. Because You can only obtain war materials by collecting these tiles.

Siege Wall

Defense walls will be built around the throne. You can think of the throne like capital now. In this rvr, logic and mechanism are the same as capital wars. Can’t attack throne before destroy throne siege wall

Develop savage Siege Towers

You need this structure to break down enemy walls. The armies will gathered here to destroy the defensive Garrisons.

Defensive Garrisons

The defensive garrison is located on the siege wall.You need to strengthen this structure to resist the invaders. There are three defensive garrisons.  If any one collapses, the siege may begin. You must be fortifying your home realm’s Defensive Garrisons to protect against your enemies attacks , so that they can prepare for the battle.

Each time the Defensive Garrison’s army is defeated in battle, the Defensive Garrison will be damaged. Once enough damage is inflicted, the garrison will be destroyed.

Once these defenses fall, all that will be left between your Throne of Might and defeat is a wall – a which point you are at the mercy of your foes own towers. You must keep both your attacking and defending armies strong. To help with this there is a selection of structures.

Siege Towers

They stand next to the defensive garrisons.  As in the wars of Atlantis, each Invading realm takes over a certain Seat of Power.  From there they can launch attacks against that side’s Defensive Garrisons using their Siege Towers . You must upgrade these siege towers to make them more active. Thus, combat capabilities can be improved.

Healing Tents

Both invaders and defenders have to their own Healing Tent building. Some of the units involved in the war are automatically heal here. Upgrade the tent to increase the amount of auto heal


Both invaders and defenders have to their own Armory building. They provide an attack and health bonus for armies. Construct an Armory to provide the best equipment to increase their attack and defense. Upgrade the armory to improve health and attack bonus.

Rally Point

This point must be used to defensive the throne or attack the invaders.  The invaders rally point are located in the seat power region they attack from..  The defenders have their Rally Point near the Throne of Might.

The rally point It can be upgraded to allow for bigger attacks. Rally point needs to be raised for the rally size. You need it here to start the rally. In order to be successful, you need the rally size.

Players can level up their Throne of Might (for defenders) and Seats of Power (for invaders) by sending War Supplies.

Healing, Tent, Armory, Rally Point cannot be upgraded to a higher level until the Throne of Might or the Seat of Power has been upgraded to that level first.

Stage 2

Siege Phase 

Break the Walls Surrounding the Throne

Once the wall is demolished, there is nothing between the enemy and the throne.

When attacking, you must first take down the Defensive Garrison by mobilizing your Siege Tower. Once enough troops are inside – or the timer expires – the clash between the Tower and the Garrison begin. Each time the Defensive Garrison’s army is defeated in battle, the Defensive Garrison will be damaged.

Once enough damage is inflicted, the garrison will be destroyed.  Each time the Defensive Garrison’s army manages to win a battle against the invaders, it will repair some of the damage dealt to it.

So destroy the garrison before you break down the wall. You can’t destroy the wall before the garrison breaks down.  If the wall collapses, the battle of the throne begins.

Throne of Might

Once the garrisons have been demolished, the rally can be launched for the throne. The invaders can launch the rally from their seat power area. The hordes of invaders must be collected at the rally point to begin the rally.

The defending region can launch a rally against them by using its own Rally Point structure.

When the struggle for the throne does not begin, defenders may send reinforcements to the throne. If the invaders started the throne struggle, the defenders may launch rally against the invaders

If the Throne is successfully and held for the required amount of time by an Invading Realm, it is then destroyed and other Realm or even the defenders can contest it again.

Emperor’s Skills

During the Build-up and Siege Phases, players will gather of War Supplies and this in turn will generate a Imperial Tokens that can be used by the Emperors of each realm. The amount of generated Imperial Tokens depends on how many War Supplies are gathered

The Emperor can use Imperial Tokens to activate bonus abilities. Some of them have an instant effect, while others provide a timed bonus for the entire realm. Proper planning and strategic use of the Emperor’s abilities is crucial to the success of the realm.

  •  This bonus abilities ;

·Assault: +100% Army Attack & Health for all Siege-related battles in the Realm for 30 minutes.

· War Token Abundance: +20% War Supplies generation from all sources in the Realm for 60 minutes.
· Emergency Repairs: repair the 1 most damaged Defensive Garrison in the Realm by 50%.

· Swift Mobilisation: Reduces the time required for a Siege-related attack to commence after reaching the required number of troops by 50% for 30 minutes.

· Destruction: Increases the amount of health lost by enemy Defensive Garrisons after winning a battle as an invader by additional 10% for 30 minutes.

· Defensive Fortification: Increases the amount of health recovered for a Defensive Garrison after winning a battle in defense by additional 15% for 30 minutes.

*Note that, in this event, any rally started via the Siege Machines & Rally Points will only use Attack & Health bonuses provided by the Armoury and the abilities used by the Emperor). No personal player bonuses from Equipment, Talents, Research, etc. would be applied.


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