Newest Champion Gear Set

Thieves Guild's Regalia, Thieves Guild's Regalia, Greatcloak of Victory, Assailant's Grip , Thieves Guild's Reins , Thieves Guild's Circlet , Sealed

Newest Champion Gear Set
Newest Champion Gear Set


March of Empires Gear Set



Thieves Guild's Regalia

Thieves Guild’s Regalia

Swordsmen Attack & Health +93%

Healing Speed +31%

March Speed +31%

Scouting Level +1

Greatcloak of Victory

Greatcloak of Victory

Healed units after battle: +12%

Healing Speed: +24%

Assailant's Grip

Assailant’s Grip

Swordsmen Attack: +78%

Spearmen Attack: +78%

Army Health: +47%

Champion XP: +13%

Thieves Guild's Reins

Thieves Guild’s Reins

Champion XP: +42%

Spy Experience: +23%

Spy Mission Speed: +13%

Spy Mission Success Chance: +6%

Sealed Contagion

Sealed Contagion

Army Attack: +37%

Faction Units Health +130

Upkeep: -15%

Thieves Guild's Circlet

Thieves Guild’s Circlet

Swordsmen Attack: +98%

Army Health: +42%

Gathering Speed: +32%

Assailant's Blade

Assailant’s Blade

Swordsmen Attack: +97%

Spearmen Attack: +97%

Health vs. Encounters: +62%

Upkeep: -6%

Assailant's Steps

Assailant’s Steps

Construction Speed: +28%

Research Speed: +28%

Training Speed: +28%

Champion XP: +23%