He wants to write history with 23 in March of Empires update. I wonder if the people of this class to divide, or do not attempt to separate the money from those who play with that money? In the following days will emerge this update details


23. resources that can be purchased with the money was brought to the fore with the update. adding a slot in the Champions item sets limited campaign aims to place the product here. Thus Vip players will be synchronized with the player with the item received royal items from the package. Vibe equipment slot promises to give bonuses to the royal similar items.

This confirms what we said in the player profile information does not appear in the VIP degrees. This update new products come along with the package. I used to think to add a new item to the gold package full package of resources, etc. haste content. Thus giving money to players who play will do a class distinction between the players trying to play their own labor without money.

What does this mean?

So as the date of separation to the peoples of the class!


Bourgeois and slaves.

The bourgeois class VIP players, so the package can be taken continuously, mercenary players who developed the game with the received packets.

The slave class, spending time raising the account contains money and labor without the players.

Gameloft game is trying to turn to a paid version. If an update soon dues of members who want to open new accounts by more yayınlara it would not be too surprising.

With this update MOE was no longer on the board game has become completely money. If you think you can not pay your chance to force the game I said I would fight you for free. Because it would deal with a very difficult, if not impossible. The bourgeois class, the majority of your day to access the facility and might even reach the players all the time you were awake means you have to spend in the game.

Both package items, both VIP bonuses, VIP players will need special deals to interest you wasted your whole deal.

Formerly best players accumulating gold and item off the deficit between them and VIP players can now even earlier. But this will no longer be possible.

He has not played with no money?

Ewt playable. Farmcı between players and warriors he has separated traditional 2 class. Players who want to fight the geliştiriyork collect the bonus item, collection of players who do not like to fight, whether they were gathering only source of raw materials. This decision is entirely that of the players were given their own game and understanding. However, with this update will no longer be the decision of the players. Players who want to fight you have to strive to enter the pack and get the bourgeois class. Packages can not get to continue the game players must collect resources in the classroom do not want the players.

Thus, the supply problem will be solved in the bourgeois players. Because the future of the alliance players will collect resources to help make the resources warriors players as mandatory. It’s the only good chance of being able to play in the war alliance of injured players. You can not have because you do not fight in the upper level. If you have the top level in this area and you want to keep, you have to fight. You no longer have to fight to get in the package.

If you can not get both packages can shelter in alliance with the resources, helping you collect your package and their players can battle savaşamıyorsa.

So why did this happen? Is not this unfair?

History of the foundation of the nation, no matter which has already been exposed to class distinctions. Although the MOU is a strategy game strategy game it is now preparing to enter the date and class.

The source also recently began selling players looming. Money buys source is a class player already had begun to exhibit my distinguished by increasing its military power. Gameloft source vendors geçemeyince their money in front of the players who are playing with money that was prepared in this manner can orient them an update. So paying players in gamelof package taking their money buying resources that may already strong players.


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