The most titanic clash for the Throne of Might is coming with Update 25, my Lords! Get ready for the Imperial Siege — a multi-realm Throne conquest! Up to six realms will face each other in a fierce battle! Only one ruler will dominate and bask in glory at the end. So, can you unite your subjects and lead them to glory, or is the crown too heavy for you?

The Imperial Siege

This event is played in two distinct phases. In the Build-Up Phase, players can invade other realms and prepare for battle. Once the Build-Up phase is over, the Siege Phase begins and players can start sending rallies against enemy structures. These phases are explained in detail below.

Build-Up Phase

Squire, Knight or King — get ready for the siege and strike as one while your enemy mobilizes! Gather as many War Supplies as possible to upgrade your army, Throne and structures. Upgrade fierce Siege Towers to breach the enemy’s wall easily. Fortify the Defensive Garrisons on your home realm’s Siege Wall so no enemy can come through.

  • When the Imperial Siege event starts, all players in the Throne of Might and Seats of Power areas are relocated back to their Alliance territories; all active marches are cancelled, too.
  • New structures are spawned within the areas of the Throne of Might and the Seats of Power (all other objects — mines, camps, etc. are removed):
  • War Supplies Storage: These will spawn all over the participating realms and can be occupied by any player from any realm. Players who occupy the War Supplies Storages will receive War Supplies over time. A bonus amount of War Supplies will be awarded to the player that has depleted a War Supplies Storage tile, so even tiles with very few War Supplies left in them are worth fighting for!
  • Siege Wall: This will rise around the Throne of Might region to defend it. The Throne of Might cannot be attacked while the wall’s Defensive Garrisons stand.
  • Defensive Garrison: This is a location on the Siege Wall. Each side of the wall has three garrisons. Defenders must reinforce them to protect that side from invaders and they can also upgrade the Garrisons to improve their defensive capabilities. If all three Defensive Garrisons are destroyed, that side of the wall will be breached and invaders on that side can start their rally to the Throne of Might.
  • Siege Towers (next to Defensive Garrisons): Each Invading realm takes over a certain Seat of Power. From there, they can launch attacks against that side’s Defensive Garrisons using their Siege Towers. The Towers can be upgraded, too, and this will improve their offensive capabilities.
  • Healing Tent: Both invaders and defenders have access to their own Healing Tent building. It provides a free Auto-heal for a percentage of units participating in battles on the wall and the Throne of Might. The tent can be upgraded to improve the number of units that are auto-healed.
  • Armory: Both invaders and defenders have access to their own Armory building. It provides an Attack & Health bonus for units participating in battles on the Wall and the Throne of Might. Upgrade the Armory to improve that bonus.
  • Rally Point: Both invaders and defenders have access to their own Rally Point building. It is used to attack the Throne of Might in order to contest it (for invaders) or to interrupt a contest (for defenders). Invaders can find their Rally Point in the Seat of Power region they’re attacking from. The defenders have their Rally Point near the Throne of Might. It can be upgraded to allow for bigger attacks.
  • Players can level up their Throne of Might (for defenders) and Seats of Power (for invaders) by sending War Supplies. Other structures (Healing Tent, Armory, Rally Point) cannot be upgraded to a higher level until the Throne of Might or the Seat of Power has been upgraded to that level first.

Siege Phase

Attack and conquer — lead your army in the most epic battles ever! Destroy all key defenses on the enemy wall and breach it. Conquer the Throne of Might in the final battle and gain a huge amount of event points. Win the Imperial Siege and enjoy a colossal golden feast for your realm!

  • Breaching the Walls
    • o In order to destroy a Defensive Garrison, the invaders must gather troops in the respective Siege Tower.
    • o The Siege Tower will begin a countdown to start a rally once enough units are gathered inside. From that point, players can still join, but once the timer expires, any units in the Siege Tower will battle the units in the corresponding Defensive Garrison.
    • o At the same time, the Defenders are able to reinforce that Defensive Garrison, so that they can prepare for the battle.
    • o Each time the Defensive Garrison’s army is defeated in battle, the Defensive Garrison will be damaged. Once enough damage is inflicted, the garrison will be destroyed.
    • o Each time the Defensive Garrison’s army manages to win a battle against the invaders, some of the damage dealt to it will be repaired.
  • Conquering the Throne
    • o After all of the Defensive Garrisons are destroyed by an Invading Realm, the players from that Realm may start a Rally from their own Rally Point towards the Throne of Might. The Rally is started by gathering troops inside the Rally Point.
    • o The defending realm can use their Rally Point structure to start a rally against their Throne of Might when it is contested by the invaders. When the Throne of Might is not being contested, it can be reinforced normally.
    • o If the Throne is successfully contested and held for the required amount of time by an Invading Realm, it is then destroyed and no other Realm or even the defenders can contest it again. This awards a large amount of event points!
    • o Winning battles at the Defensive Garrisons and the Throne of Might awards War Supplies and event points to the victorious side.

Emperor’s Skills

During the Build-Up and Siege Phases, players will gather large amounts of War Supplies to fuel their conquest and defenses. This, in turn, will generate a special resource called Imperial Tokens that can be used by the Emperors of each realm. The amount of generated Imperial Tokens depends on how many War Supplies are gathered for each Emperor by the players of his/her realm.

The Emperor can use Imperial Tokens to activate powerful abilities that may determine the outcome of the event! Some of them have an instant effect, while others provide a timed bonus for the entire realm. Proper planning and strategic use of the Emperor’s abilities is crucial to the success of the realm!

  • Assault: +100% Army Attack & Health for all Siege-related battles in the Realm for 30 minutes.
  • War Supplies Abundance: +20% War Supplies generation from all sources in the Realm for 60 minutes.
  • Emergency Repairs: Repair the most damaged Defensive Garrison in the Realm by 50%.
  • Swift Mobilization: Reduces the time required for a Siege-related attack to commence after reaching the required number of troops by 50% for 30 minutes.
  • Destruction: Increases the amount of health lost by enemy Defensive Garrisons after winning a battle there as an invader by an additional 10% for 30 minutes.
  • Defensive Fortification: Increases the amount of health recovered by a Defensive Garrison after winning a defensive battle by an additional 15% for 30 minutes.

*Note that, in this event, any rally started via the Siege Towers & Rally Points will only use Attack & Health bonuses provided by the Armory and the abilities used by the Emperor. No personal player bonuses from Equipment, Talents, Research, etc. will be applied. Players are encouraged to upgrade their Armory and rely on their Emperor’s leadership to gain the advantage in battle!

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