The wall, rescues the soldiers in the castle and allows you to kill your enemy soldiers without spending the troops. As in other types of soldiers, you need to re-arrange your champions and talents in the wall durability.  The general army provides the same bonus within the walls of the equipment that gives health and army attack

Your wall is as strong as your champion. if you are attacked in the absence of a champion, the wall can not prevent the damage of the remaining soldiers. Your only benefit is that you save your soldiers as wounded as the hospital capacity.

The wall types consist of 5 groups according to the technology levels. My suggestion is that you have a good bonus, build half as t1. Build the other half as T5. So that when you are attacked you will be able to repair it within seconds.

Wall bonuses are divided into two. The first is wall stiffness or durability.  This is the attack your wall made against the attacking rival, it has an effect in this direction. You need to equip the champion with items that give the army attack for wall stamina. Army Attacks equals the same score on Wall Strength bonus.  But an unhealthy wall is when are exposed to every attack, it will be very damaged. The only thing to do against it is to increase in health.

Wall Effectiveness

Wall effect means health. The healthier the wall is, the less damage in the castle. Wall health and power lost by the enemy is directly proportional. When your wall is destroyed, the total might of the castle will be reduced, the enemy appears to have lost less power points. But the real, enemies damage is always more …. because you rebuild that power with a little resource. But the damage the enemy receives is two to three times more than the source you spend. Also, attacking again will not be a wise move for the enemy.


castle wall
castle wall


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